Apple’s latest filing in the Eurasian database may hint at 13-inch MacBook Pro with scissor keyboard

The Eurasian Economic Commission database can be a sort of guiding light for certain Apple-branded products. Not always, but sometimes. So when an unreleased product pops up, it deserves some attention.

If for no other reason than to get hyped up over a potential product that¬†may see the light of day at some point in the near future. In this case, it’s an unreleased MacBook Pro.¬†MacRumors was the first to spot the device, which is described as a “portable Mac running macOS Catalina“. We get a model identifier number, too: A2289.

And that’s it!

Unfortunately the EEC database isn’t a treasure trove of information pertaining to these unreleased products. We usually only get a model identifier number to go on, which leads to rampant speculation. Just like now. The original report suggests this could be an incoming 13-inch MacBook Pro equipped with Apple’s new (old?) scissor switch-style keyboard.

That would certainly make sense, considering Apple launched the 16-inch MacBook Pro with the scissor keyboard back in October of last year. So it’s about time that we get a 13-inch model with the same updated keyboard, right? And it’s not like this hasn’t been rumored already. In November we heard this device could see the light of day sometime in “early 2020”, so that could be right around the corner.

If Apple does launch a 13-inch (or 14-inch) MacBook Pro with the scissor keyboard, will you be picking one up?