The iPhone XR is experiencing O2 network issues in the UK

If you are in the United Kingdom, use an iPhone XR, and are a subscriber to the O2 network, you may be experiencing some issues.

And if you are, you are not alone. The BBC is reporting today that many iPhone XR owners in the United Kingdom, connected to the O2 network there, are running into random, sometimes serious connection issues. The reports are cropping up on social media like Twitter, but are being shared on sites like Down Detector as well.

According to those impacted by the issue, problems range. Many have said they are unable to make or receive a phone call, while others say they can’t send or receive text messages. Others say they are unable to latch onto a consistent 4G connection, making it so users aren’t able to use apps like Instagram and Facebook.

Fortunately, O2 is aware of the problem and is looking into it:

We’re working closely with our partners to resolve an intermittent issue affecting some of our customers using iPhone XR,” an O2 spokeswoman told the BBC.

“We thank any customers affected for their patience.

O2 did say that turning the iPhone XR off and turning it back on can “temporarily” fix the issue, but it sounds like the problem(s) may pop up again. The wireless network is not going into any details on just how many iPhone XR users out in the wild are impacted by the issue.

What’s more, at the time of publication Apple has not commented on the issue, either.

The issue has apparently been going on for some time, too, as some on Twitter have been expressing their outrage since December 30, 2019:

It certainly sounds like an issue, and hopefully it gets fixed. If you’re in the UK and an O2 customer with an iPhone XR, have you experienced any issues? If so, has Apple or O2 offered any compensation for the issues?