Apple will donate funds to help with bushfire relief efforts in Australia

Over the last couple of months, Australia has been impacted by bushfire across the country. And now Apple’s CEO has pledged to help.

Yesterday, Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, tweeted out support for those who are suffering due to the bushfires raging across Australia, along with words of praise for the “courageous volunteer force” fighting those fires. In addition to that, Cook simply stated: “Apple will be donating to support relief efforts”.

Here’s the tweet:

As is par for the course when it comes to these sorts of declarations from Cook, there’s no additional information to share at this time. We don’t know where Apple’s donation will go, though a likely candidate is the Red Cross in this particular case. We also do not know how much Apple will be donating towards relief efforts, either.

At the time of publication, the bushfires have been raging across Australia for two months. They are fueled not only by the worst drought in Australia’s history, but also record-breaking heat waves. The fires have destroyed more than 900 homes, and nine people have died — including two volunteer fire fighters.

Apple is not a stranger to this type of donation, or donations in general. And while we might not know the particulars, it’s good to see a company as big as Apple forking over any amount of money to help with relief efforts.