Apple spoke with Pac-12, MGM to expand Apple TV+ content, may include live sports

Right now, Apple TV+ is all about the original content, which some consider a strength and others see it as a weakness. It sounds like Apple may be leaning towards the latter, too.

At least as far as preliminary talks are concerned. The Wall Street Journal has the report on Thursday, detailing initial conversations that Apple has had with the likes of MGM Holdings and the PAC-12 in an effort to broaden the Apple TV+ content library in a couple of different ways.

The first? What’s available from MGM. That company is the key holder to franchises like RoboCop, James Bond, and The Magnificent Seven. If these conversations were to actually flourish into something, then it would mean that the content available on Apple TV+ would expand beyond the original films and TV series to offer up known quantities and franchises.

Meanwhile, similar conversations with the entity PAC-12, which holds the rights to a variety of sports, could see Apple TV+ playing host to live college games. That alone would be a huge boost for Apple, considering the popularity of college sports.

This is all very preliminary for now. Things could change at any point and nothing is set in stone. And while it’s possible all of this could pan out and we get even more content (and live streaming sports) on Apple TV+, it’s also possible that Apple’s negotiation tactics could run everything aground, too.

Though the conversations with MGM and the Pac-12 were preliminary and have yet to reach an advanced stage, the talks show Apple’s openness to striking a multibillion-dollar content agreement in support of its TV service— even as it forges ahead with a preferred strategy of developing its own shows, these people said. A deal with the Pac-12 would be Apple’s first foray into live sports.

It’s also worth noting that Apple has stated it’s happy with the launch of Apple TV+, so while I made the joke about seeming weak against the other streaming platforms out there, this sounds like Apple’s just testing the waters and finding new ways to get people interested in the Apple TV app and Apple TV+.

What do you think?