iTunes Remote update adds Dark Mode, support for Apple Music and TV macOS Catalina apps

If you use the iTunes Remote app, the latest software update adds a couple of worthwhile changes.

Today, Apple has officially updated the iTunes Remote app. This brings the app to version 4.5, It’s not a huge update by any means, but it does add a couple of worthwhile features to the mix. First and foremost, full support for Dark Mode in iOS 13 and later versions of the mobile operating system.

In addition to that, the iTunes Remote app now supports the Apple Music and Apple TV apps available in macOS Catalina. Which makes sense! Because Apple just released macOS Catalina 10.15.2 to the public, and that update brought support for the iTunes Remote app.

iTunes Remote is free from the App Store. The update is available now. Fun fact: the last time Apple updated this app was back in November of 2018.