Make your weather forecasts look gorgeous with Today Weather for iPhone [sponsored]

With Today Weather for iPhone, a gorgeously designed weather app which features sharp design and an approachable interface that takes full advantage of your iPhone’s beautiful OLED display, you get the world’s most accurate local weather forecasts at no charge whatsoever.

The app takes full advantage of multiple data providers to bring you the world’s most accurate local weather forecasts. In the United States, for example, Today Weather uses the National Weather Service at as one of its data sources. If you’d like to quickly switch to another data source, like, you can do that with just a few taps.

Available for both iOS and Android, the app sports powerful features making it a pleasure to use, like an easy to use interface that lets anyone understand their local weather forecast with cleanly designed icons, clearly labeled sections, easy to understand weather maps, etc.

The interface isn’t overwhelming because everything you need to know about current weather conditions is available on the first screen. To access detailed weather information, simply scroll down to reveal details like humidity, UV and air quality indexes, visibility, pressure, “feels-like” information, wind speed and direction, dew points, detailed 7-day forecasts and so forth.

You even get a nice graphical overview of moon phases and full moon nights. And if you’re an avid iPhone photographer who likes to take photographs duringĀ golden hour, Today Weather lets you catch those unique moments of sunrise and sunset with provided information.

Like other weather apps, you can easily add cities that you’d like to monitor and quickly switch between simply by tapping the hamburger icon in the app’sĀ top-right corner. The app displays beautiful photos that correspond to the weather and the day in the selected location.

You also get a handy Today widget for an at-a-glance weather forecast without having to launch the app. The optional daily notification summarizes your weather forecast for the day. Similarly, Today Weather will alert you of severe weather conditions in your area.

If you haven’t tried Today Weather yet, do yourself a favor and grab this free app to prepare for anything with detailed, easy to understand 24/7 weather forecast. Best of all, your free download includes all of the aforementioned features without any strings attached at all.

For those who would like to remove advertising from the app, have the ability to use unlimited icon sets and take advantage of radar maps, Today Weather provides an optional 99-cent 3-month subscription, or just two bucks for the whole year.

Do yourself a favor and grab Today Weather for free from the App Store or the Google Play Store.