Apple is working on ‘the next generation of media apps’ for Windows

What’s next for Apple when it comes to Microsoft‘s Windows desktop operating system? Apps. And it looks like the company wants to find the right people to help with that.

According to a recent discovery from Neowin (via The Verge), Apple is currently looking to find software engineers to build the “next generation of media apps” for Windows. As it stands right now, both iTunes and iCloud apps exist for Windows users, but those are old — and that’s putting it lightly. So it sounds like Apple is looking to start shaking things up in that department.

The safe bet here is that Apple is working towards a future that’s similar to its macOS gameplay: separating iTunes into separate apps. With the public launch of macOS Catalina, Apple separated iTunes into Music, Podcasts, and TV apps individually. It stands to reason that Apple wants to reach the same goal on Windows.

Here are the key qualifications for the role, just in case you’re interested or know anyone who might be:

  • 4+ years of industry experience
  • Experience writing software in C/C++
  • Deep understanding of API designs principles
  • Experience with UWP is a big plus
  • Experience in building large client facing applications.
  • Track record of completing projects on-time and to specification
  • Cross platform experience with Mac and Windows is highly desired.
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills
  • Passion for quality and close attention to details
  • Ability to collaborate with multi-functional teams
  • Aptitude to independently learn new technologies.

The addition of Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is an interesting one! That suggests Apple wants to build UWP apps for Windows as well. As noted by The Verge, this could make not only bringing apps to Windows 10, but also Xbox One, Microsoft’s video game console. That could mean an Apple TV app — which would give Apple TV+ subscribers a way to watch content on the console — could be on the way.

It could also mean the launch of an Apple Music app on the Xbox. Now that would be something!