Video: Google Pixel 4 XL from the perspective of an iPhone 11 Pro user

iDownloadBlog’s video editor Harris Craycraft has been playing with his Pixel 4 XL smartphone for a while now. We thought you might be interested to hear about some curious impressions of the latest Google device from the perspective of this particular iPhone 11 Pro user.

Even if it isn’t selling well, the Pixel line is considered the best stock Android experience and one of the best camera phones out there, especially if you care about low-light photography.

But first, watch Harris’s hands-on video walkthrough embedded right ahead.

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Allow me to focus a bit on how the Pixel devices used to lead the pack in terms of computational photography, owing to Google’s early lead in machine learning and artificial intelligence. That lead has been eroding as Apple’s been making some great strides in terms of computational photography following the iPhone X release two years ago.

As you may or may not know, iPhone X files as the first Apple smartphone rocking specialized silicon hardware dedicated to accelerating machine learning tasks. As a result, Apple was able to significantly improve upon the iPhone’s imaging capabilities and close the gap in terms of computational photography with the Pixel line. Remember not so far ago when the Pixel phones used to run circles around the Apple smartphone in terms of low-light shooting?

Night Mode shown off in iPhone 11 camera
Night Mode on iPhone 11 Pro.

Fun times! Well, those days appear to be definitely over with the latest iPhone 11 Pro devices ranking in the third place in DXMark’s camera quality test, right behind Huawei’s Mate 30 Pro and Xiaomi’s Mi CC9 Pro Premium Edition smartphones. For those asking, Apple’s device came in at the first place in terms of video quality, tied with the Xiaomi phone.

Thanks to Apple’s fast A13 Bionic chip powering Apple’s latest phones, as well as all-new Deep Fusion computational photography enhancement and an AI-assisted night mode, the iPhone 11 family now holds its own against not only Google’s Pixel 4 but also a $20,000 Leica M10-P.

What are your thoughts on the Pixel 4 line?

Pitted against the iPhone 11 Pro, does the Google smartphone now have powerful enough hardware and compelling software to warrant a switch, do you think?

Do share your thoughts in the comments down below.