Facebook fixes iOS app camera bug

Facebook privacyFacebook has pushed out a new build of its iOS app that corrects a previously-identified bug that could inadvertently activate the iPhone’s camera. The new version (build 247) is available for immediate download from the App Store, assuming your phone hasn’t already updated.

The latest Facebook privacy saga started on November 11th when Twitter user Joshua Maddux noted that he could see the camera open behind his Facebook feed while scrolling through the app.

Facebook VP of Integrity Guy Rosen later confirmed the bug in a tweet of his own and said that no photos had been uploaded to Facebook as a result of the bug. He also said that Facebook was rushing a new build out to correct the problem.

In the interim, Facebook users were advised to disallow camera access by the app to avoid any potential privacy issues. Rosen has since indicated that build was released, and it’s now available for download and update.

Did you notice the problem? Have you updated to the latest build, or just deleted Facebook off your phone altogether? Let us know in the comments.