Samsung unveils a foldable flip phone concept

Now that the Galaxy Fold is out there in the real world, Samsung is ready to move full-steam ahead with the foldable phone concept.

As such, the company is presenting another idea it’s working on today. As reported by The Verge, Samsung has just unveiled a brand new foldable phone concept, this time harkening back to the flip phone of old. This is just a concept, though, and there is no telling when something like this might see the light of day — if it ever does.

Samsung hasn’t even given the concept a name yet.

The company wants to make its foldable phones “more compact”, aiming to shrink down the overall size and make them more pocket-friendly.

This brand-new form factor that we’re now exploring will not only easily fit in your pocket, but it also changes the way you use your phone,” explained Hyesoon Jeong, head of Samsung’s framework R&D group, onstage at Samsung’s Developer Conference. The idea behind the concept is to take Samsung’s foldable smartphone technology and push it to “become more compact,” and extend to new device form factors.

Unfortunately, Samsung did not spend a lot of time talking about the new foldable phone concept. They didn’t discuss any specifications or hardware they might use, so everything appears to still be up in the air. It’s still pretty nice to look at, though — if you like the foldable phone concept at all.

The future of the flip phone seems pretty bright if this design aesthetic actually catches on. Not only is Samsung eyeing something like this, but Motorola might beat them to the punch. That company has been teasing its own foldable phone throughout 2019, and it could revitalize the RAZR brand name from so many years ago. We’re all still waiting for Motorola to actually unveil the device, though.

Samsung also showed off its new One UI 2, an update for its smartphones, tablets, and watches, that will launch to the public sometime in the near future. You can check that out in the video below.

What do you think of the idea behind a foldable flip phone? Is that something you could get behind?