Apple Card ‘most successful credit card launch ever,’ says Goldman Sachs CEO

It sounds like the Apple Card has been a success for Apple, and Goldman Sachs, if the latter company’s CEO is any indicator.

CNBC has the report on Tuesday, detailing Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon’s latest comments on the brand new credit card, which launched back in August. The comments were made during a conference call earlier today, and suggest that Goldman Sachs is very, very happy with the Apple-branded credit card.

According to Solomon, the Apple Card has seen “a high level of consumer demand” since its launch earlier this year:

In three short years, we have raised $55 billion in deposits on the Marcus platform, generated $5 billion in loans, and built a new credit-card platform and launched ‌Apple Card‌,” Solomon said, adding “which we believe is the most successful credit-card launch ever.”

Since August, we’ve been pleased to see a high level of consumer demand for the product. From an operational and risk perspective, we’ve handled the inflows smoothly and without comprising our credit underwriting standards.

If you haven’t applied for an Apple Card yet, you can still do so directly from the Wallet app on your iPhone.

In related news, it was previously reported that Apple and Goldman Sachs are now reporting payment details to the major credit bureaus.

If you were approved for an Apple Card, how are you liking the credit card so far?