Instagram’s new account security feature makes it much easier to spot phishing emails

The next time you receive a password reset email that purports to be from Instagram, or spot a similar phishing scam in your mailbox, be advised that the popular photo-sharing service now offers a pretty clever way of running those emails agains genuine messages the app has sent to you.

They’re calling it Emails from Instagram, according to the official announcement.

It’s an in-app list of all the legitimate emails Instagram has sent your way over the last 14 days. To see it, visit your settings in Instagram for iOS and tap Security → Emails From Instagram.

And there you have it.


Should you ever receive a password reset email claiming to be from Instagram, simply open your Instagram app and check if the sender is on the list of security-related emails.

The Next Web speculates that this new account-security feature has probably been developed in response to a recent phishing attack in August of this year.

Just two months ago, cybersecurity firm SophosLabs threw light on an Instagram phishing email campaign that employed fake two-factor authentication codes as a lure to trick potential victims into handing over sensitive information via fraudulent websites controlled by bad actors. It’s also another reason why you should consider turning on two-step authentication to get an extra layer of protection.

How do you like this new Instagram feature? I think it’s pretty smart and hope it paves the way for other companies to adopt similar mechanism. And why wouldn’t we be entitled to seeing a history of genuine emails that an app or a service has sent to us?

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