Image shows an early look at HomeKit’s Secure Video UI

One of the many new elements that Apple announced back at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference is Secure Video for HomeKit, built for home security cameras.

And while Apple showed off the feature a bit at WWDC earlier this year, today we get what appears to be our first look at the upcoming user interface for the iOS 13 feature. The image was originally shared on Friday by Reddit (via Zatz Not Funny!) and shows a few unique aspects of the UI.

The image above shows a few different moments captured by the security camera. We can see that a person was caught on the camera at one point, as well as an animal, and a vehicle. The UI will give the user the ability to jump to each of those moments with a quick scrubbing feature, and icons will show which object was detected and when.

There is a button for settings, a way to close out of the video altogether, an option to mute sound, a quick share icon, and Play/Pause. The UI also has an option to quickly jump back to the live feed.

There is a calendar bar at the top of the screen, too. It appears this will let users quickly jump to a specific day in a month.

It all looks pretty straightforward and easy to use, which is a good thing. HomeKit’s Secure Video in iOS 13 will provide access to iCloud storage, activity detection, and more.

Secure Video should go live with iOS 13.2, which is currently being beta tested. Are you looking forward to this new HomeKit-enabled feature?