The best cases with a kickstand for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro

With so many case variations, sometimes things can be pretty interesting in the design department. Like a case with a built-in kickstand.

So we’ve put together a quick roundup of the cases you can find right now for your iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and/or iPhone 11 Pro Max that feature a built-in kickstand. The designs will vary, as will the prices, but if you like this type of case style then there are a few different options below.

Here we go!

Best cases with a kickstand for iPhone 11 in 2019


The Spigen Tough Armor case for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max features a rugged design overall, featuring raised edges to protect the display and cameras, protect against drops and scratches, and it has a kickstand for good measure.

The combination of TPU and polycarbonate materials create the dual-layer protective design, making sure the case is scratch resistant and can help prevent the phone from breaking if it falls. The aforementioned kickstand is reinforced, and the case has raise lips to protect the display and cameras.

It’s certified “MIL-STD 810G-516.6″ for general protection, and has Air Cushion Technology in the frame for shock protection.

The case is generally praised for how inexpensive it is, but also offers plenty of durability and protection for the phone.

The Spigen Tough Armor case with a kickstand is available in four colors: Black, Gunmetal, Rose Gold, and Satin Silver. It’s available to buy right now and ships this week.

Buy for $14.99 – $16.99 (iPhone 11)

Buy for $16.99 – $17.99 (iPhone 11 Pro)

Buy for $17.99 – $18.99 (iPhone 11 Pro Max)


This clear case from ESR is made from a hard PC/PP, which should help to keep your new iPhone safe. The kickstand is metal, which makes it more reliable than others as well. The kickstands is also a two-way option, giving it a vertical or horizontal stand. The case also has raised edges over the display and cameras.

This case also supports wireless charging.

The overwhelming majority of reviewers say they were surprised by the case’s design and durability. while others praise the construction of the kickstand and how sturdy it is.

With 12 customer ratings, this case has a 4.1 out of 5 stars.

The clear case with a metal kickstand from ESR is available to ship this week. You can pick from Black, Clear, and Clear Black, color options.

Buy for $17.99 (iPhone 11)

Buy for $15.99 – $18.99 (iPhone 11 Pro)

Buy for $17.99 – $18.99 (iPhone 11 Pro Max)


This case offers a tough exterior thanks to the TPU bumpers and sides, the PC back, and an additional screen protector for good measure. It even offers a two-pack for the screen protector, giving you an extra just in case. The case is scratch resistant and shockproof, with military-grade protection with Air Cushion Technology in the frame.

The kickstand has a 360-degree rotating design, and it’s metal. The case has cutouts for the speakers and port, but it doesn’t support wireless charging.

There are two color options, technically, but only one’s available to buy right now: Black.

Buy for $9.99 (iPhone 11)

Buy for $9.99 (iPhone 11 Pro)

Buy for $9.99 (iPhone 11 Pro Max)


The CoverON case for the iPhone 11 series offers a dual-layer hybrid design, which keeps things slim, but offers a rugged case. It has the raised edges to keep the display and cameras safe, and it supports wireless charging. It does feature a built-in kickstand, but it’s part of a card holder as well (it will hold at least one ID-sized card).

The CaseON option has a faux brushed metal design, with a dual-layer protective quality that can help keep the phone safe from drops and other impacts.

You have four colors to choose from with this case from CoverON: Black, Gunmetal Gray, Mint Teal, and rose Gold.

Buy for $9.99 (iPhone 11)

Buy for $10.99 (iPhone 11 Pro)

Buy for $10.99 (iPhone 11 Pro Max)


This case provides a rotating ring kickstand, allowing for multiple viewing angles. It also features a soft TPU frame to protect against drops, a scratch-resistant clear back, and a 180-day warranty. The kickstand is a 360-degree rotatable design, allowing for multiple viewing angles depending on what you need at the time.

The clear back will let you show off the iPhone’s color, while offering a scratch-resistant design. The company also offers a 180-day warranty for good measure.

There are multiple color options, but since this is a clear case we’re talking just about highlights here. We’ve got Black, Blue, and Rose Gold. All of them are in stock and ready to ship.

Buy for $9.99 (iPhone 11)

Buy for $9.99 (iPhone 11 Pro)

Buy for $9.99 (iPhone 11 Pro Max)


This is a heavy duty, military-grade full-body case that also features a built-in screen protector as well. That screen protector is a Japanese PET display, which should help prevent any shattering of the actual phone’s display, and it’s scratch-resistant as well. And despite the rugged design, the case itself remains sleek and lightweight.

The case itself is a single piece design, constructed from premium quality polycarbonate and enhanced thermoplastic. And of course this case also features a built-in kickstand. The case does support wireless charging, but the company says you’ll need one with at least 10W charging capability.

The ArmadilloTek rugged case with a built-in kickstand is available in Black, Blue, and Orange.

Buy for $18.98 (iPhone 11)

Buy for $18.98 (iPhone 11 Pro)

Buy for $18.98 (iPhone 11 Pro Max)

Spigen Ultra Hybrid S

This Spigen-branded case offers a plastic design with a hardened PC back and TPU bumpers for additional shock and drop protection. You can see your iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro’s natural color thanks to the clear design, and the case also offers raised lips to help protect the display and rear cameras.

This case also has a metal kickstand, which features a magnetic snap to make it easily accessible when needed. The case is ultra thin, so it won’t add any extra bulk to your handset.

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid S kickstand case for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro is available now in Crystal Clear and Jet Black colors.

Buy for $12.99 – $13.99 (iPhone 11)

Buy for $13.99 – $14.99 (iPhone 11 Pro)

Buy for $14.99 – $15.99 (iPhone 11 Pro Max)

A few different options to choose from if you prefer your iPhone 11 case to feature a built-in kickstand. If you have any other recommendations, let us know in the comments below.