Apple’s stereo AR experience in ‘StarTester mode’ revealed in new video

The only thing missing regarding an Apple-branded augmented reality (AR) headset is Apple’s official unveiling of the device. Especially as we get our first look at what Apple calls its “stereo AR experience”.

There have been a lot of rumors regarding Apple’s upcoming AR headset. However, in the last several weeks there have been a variety of details that have surfaced that seem to essentially confirm the headset exists, and that Apple continues to do work to prepare for its impending launch. Of course, when that launch will be remains to be seen.

Before that happens, though, we’re getting what appears to be a very, very early look at what “StarTester” mode looks like. Just as we’ve heard before, this “StarTester” mode is what Apple calls its test version of the headset and apps that are meant to be developed with the stereo AR experience in mind.

A developer that goes by the handle “xSnow” (@__int32) on Twitter (via 9to5Mac) showed off video of this new “StarTester” mode, saying, “Managed to get into apple glasses test mode (aka StarTester mode) in 13.1 beta 3 on iPhone X, but right-eye view in glitchy. (Scene contents are from my area light test, not from StarBoard)” in the initial tweet.

However, xSnow was able to get it running again on an iPhone XS, which it runs much smoother:

There are apparently three different displays being worked on, with xSnow adding in a subsequent tweet: “There is some fun data in ARDisplayDevice.framework too. Franc device has 61° FOV (47° by 40°), Luck has 58° (46×34), and Garta — 68° (49×47). There is more data at ARDisplayExtensionService.defaultLuckConfig and other configs”.

And finally, xSnow was able to find 3D model renderings for device displays, saying, “For example, there are 3D models for device displays, and this is luck’s prototype display.”

Here’s the rendering:

So, no final release date. And no word on just why Apple wasn’t ready to actually announce its first AR headset at the “by innovation only” event earlier this month. That probably would have fit the bill, all things considered.

Are you looking forward to Apple’s AR headset at all?