Rumored 2020 iPad Pro refresh may have 3D sensing camera sensors supplied by LG

Is Apple going to refresh the iPad Pro in 2019? Maybe! The company could also refresh the high-end tablet lineup in early 2020, too. The latest rumor suggests it could be the latter.

There has been a lot of back-and-forth about whether or not Apple is going to update the iPad Pro lineup this year. The Elec believes it’s going to happen in early 2020, a stance it has stuck with for quite some time now. The latest report (via MacRumors) reinforces that belief, stating that LG is going to be Apple’s supplier for the 3D sensing camera sensors in the upcoming models.

The report also indicates LG will be tapped to supply the 3D sensing camera sensors for the iPhones launched in 2020 as well.

Unfortunately, nothing is confirmed just yet. There is no way of knowing which direction Apple is going right now. We’ve heard that the 2019 iPad Pro “has the possibility” of featuring three rear cameras. And just recently we saw a dummy unit of an iPad Pro with three rear cameras that’s billed as the 2019 iPad Pro. But the 2020 iPad Pro rumor lives on, too.

Apple could have multiple refreshes in the works, of course. We could see Apple update the iPad Pro in October. And then in March of next year the company could introduce even newer models. But that seems crazy, considering how expensive the iPad Pro lineup is and it feels unnecessary. In the end, Apple could end up waiting until March 2020 to refresh the high-end iPad lineup.

Either way, if you’re already on the cusp of buying an iPad Pro right now, it might be worth waiting.