Apple TV+ will be available in India for $1.40 per month

Apple TV+ promo banner for. The Morning Show

Apple TV+ launches on November 1 with a handful of shows, and it will be available in a variety of markets across the globe. Turns out that will include India, where the new subscription service will have a very aggressive monthly price.

Bloomberg has the report this week. The publication states that Apple TV+ will be available in India for just 99 rupees, or about $1.40 per month. That will be the price when the service goes live on November 1. And for those keeping track, that puts Apple TV+ at a lower price point than competing platforms like Netflix or Amazon.

But getting Apple device owners in India to use Apple TV+ on a monthly basis is a huge boon for Apple. There are millions of people in India that use the internet on a regular basis, beat out in numbers only by China, and Apple wants to make sure that they get a piece of that pie with its own subscription service options.

Netflix began trialing a mobile-only streaming option last year. It’s available in India now, but that’s priced at 199 rupees, or about $2.80. Meanwhile, Amazon’s own streaming service is also available in the region, but that costs 129 rupees, or about $1.80 per month.

As the original article points out though, some of India’s own streaming services cost as low as 40 cents per month, so there’s still room for these companies out of the United States to get a bit more aggressive with their own pricing.

Apple will also be offering a seven-day free trial for Apple TV+ when it launches in November. And for anyone who buys a new iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, or Mac, they can get a year’s worth of Apple TV+ for free.