Sileo Beta v1.3.6 now available with improved native depiction support

The Sileo Team surprised us all on Wednesday with a new beta iteration of the package manager that gets installed by default on iOS 11 and 12 devices liberated with the Electra Team’s Chimera and Electra jailbreaks.

Citing the Sileo Team’s announcement, shared via Twitter several minutes ago, Sileo Beta v1.3.6 simplifies the process of converting webview-based jailbreak tweak depictions to native depictions.

The Sileo Team has been pushing repository managers such as Optimo of BigBoss to move to native depictions for several months now. In fact, a Tweet shared by the Sileo Team in May mentioned that support for webview-based depictions would be removed from Sileo in December of this year, and that they would be gradually phased out over time.

Sileo Beta v1.3.6 also appears to do away with the unsightly red banner that would state how webview-based depictions were deprecated. Many users disliked this banner for aesthetics alone, which gave rise to the release of a jailbreak tweak dubbed SileoNoBanner.

According to the Sileo team, Sileo Beta v1.3.6 is available for all users to test on both the Chimera and Electra repositories on each respective jailbreak. Users can install the Sileo Beta alongside the stable Sileo build, as it won’t outright replace the latter.

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