New 16-inch MacBook Pro once again rumored to launch this fall

Apple is supposedly planning on launching a new, redesigned 16-inch MacBook Pro at some point later this year. The rumor mill has suggested a fall launch, and a new report suggests the same.

TrendForce is a research firm based out of Taiwan, and the company says (via MacRumors) that Apple is planning to launch the oft-rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro this fall. Here is an excerpt from a recent press release the firm published:

According to the 3Q outlook for notebook shipments, demand for Chromebooks remains strong thanks to the back-to-school period; at the same time, we see new products hitting shelves, such as Apple’s 16-inch MacBook, Dell’s products with 16:10 aspect ratio, Asus’s dual-screen laptop, as well as various gaming laptops in increasingly hot demand.

Sure, TrendForce only says “MacBook”, but the easy guess here is that the firm is referring to the MacBook Pro. Mostly because Apple actually discontinued the MacBook lineup altogether earlier this year, and it doesn’t seem likely that they’d bring it back from the dead as a 16-inch model.

At this point, the rumors are painting a pretty clear picture. If this 16-inch MacBook Pro does indeed exist, it feels like the fall launch window is indeed practically set in stone. As much as an unannounced device’s launch date can be, anyway.

Some rumors have suggested the new 16-inch MacBook Pro could feature an OLED display, but that doesn’t seem likely just yet. A recent rumor did suggest that we should expect a 9th-generation Intel processor under the hood.

So, if Apple does launch this rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro with minimized bezels are you planning on buying one?