Apple Card doesn’t support exporting financial data to third-party apps

With the Apple Card set to launch later this month to the general public, key details of Apple’s first credit card are starting to become clearer.

Apple launched a support document for the upcoming credit card recently, which goes over a variety of different topics. That includes exporting data, or, more specifically, not exporting data. With so many different financial apps out there, some potential Apple Card customers might be wondering if they’ll be able to export financial data to those apps.

As initially detailed by MacRumors, based on the information provided on the site, the Apple Card does not support exporting financial data to third-party apps. So future customers won’t be able to export data to apps like Quicken or Mint. According to Apple, “Exporting data from Apple Card to a financial app like Mint is not currently supported”.

Additionally, to view transaction information and additional information pertaining to the Apple Card, owners will need to do so with their iPhone or iPad within the Wallet app — it won’t be possible to view that information on the web.

The site also has plenty of information regarding reviewing transactions, total spending, reporting issues, and more. Or if you prefer tutorial videos, Apple just launched those, too.

Apple launched the Apple Card for a very small pool of people, and the company is expected to launch its first credit card to the public later this month.

Are you planning on applying for an Apple Card when you get the chance?