Tim Cook says Apple wants to keep making the Mac Pro in the U.S.

Apple has been manufacturing the Mac Pro in the United States, and the company’s CEO says they want to keep it that way.

The new Mac Pro is set to go on sale later this year, starting at $6,000. When it arrives, it will have been one of the few Apple-branded devices manufactured in the United States. But decisions out of Apple’s control may make that impossible in the future, despite Apple’s best wishes.

Following this quarter’s earnings report, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, spoke about the company’s results and went into detail in some categories. Cook brought up the fact that Apple is asking for tax waivers in relation to manufacturing the Mac Pro, and said that the company has been “making the Mac Pro in the U.S.” He added that the company would like to “continue to do that”.

Cook went on to add that the company is making necessary changes to make that dream a reality, including necessary investments and working on capacity.

It was reported near the end of June of this year that manufacturing of the Mac Pro would be moved to China, and that assembly would be handled, at least in part, by Quanta. Apple’s current manufacturing partner located in Austin, Texas, was reportedly tasked with winding down production altogether.

Whether or not Apple is actually going to make this a reality remains to be seen. It sounds like the company is trying to reach that goal, to keep Mac Pro assembly handled in the United States. However, even with plans in motion to boost capacity and set things on that path, nothing is guaranteed.

Do you think Apple will make this happen?