Newest unc0ver beta resolves all known issues with the new Sock Puppet exploit

Pwn20wnd released another update for unc0ver on Friday, bringing the tool up to version 3.3.0 beta 5. This update resolves an instability issue that was introduced in the now-redacted beta 4 release and implements additional bug fixes.

Pwn20wnd announced the release of this update via Twitter this afternoon:

From what we can gather, this update resolves all known issues with the Sock Puppet exploit on A9-A11 devices, and the success rate has been boosted to a near-100%. Pwn20wnd also says that he’s actively looking into 4K device support at the time of this writing, but it doesn’t seem likely that A12(X) devices will get support anytime soon.

For those interested, here’s a snippet from the new beta’s official change log on Pwn20wnd’s GitHub repository:

07/12/2019 – v3.3.0~b5 was released for public testing with the following changes:

– Fix a reliability issue introduced in the last build
– Fix a bug in assertion

If you’re using an earlier release of the unc0ver v3.3.0 beta, then you’re now advised to install beta 5 to take full advantage of all the new improvements. That aside, to those who haven’t used it yet, we strongly recommend waiting for the official public release, as the tool is still in beta and is prone to instabilities until that time.

The latest version of unc0ver is available from Pwn20wnd’s official GitHub repository, and if you’ve never jailbroken with unc0ver before, then you can read our in-depth tutorial here.

How do you like the latest upgrades to the unc0ver jailbreak tool? Discuss in the comments section below.