Apple may launch a notch-less iPhone in 2020

Apple promotes Face ID in new 'Nap' ad

We’re only halfway through 2019, and already the rumor mill is peppering the market with speculation regarding the 2020 iPhone lineup.

According to reputed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who published a new analyst note through MyDrivers (via MacRumors), Apple is planning on slimming down the notch in at least one of the iPhones scheduled to launch in 2020. That could mean that two iPhones feature the slimmer notch, while Apple makes an even bigger change to the third model: no notch at all.

That bit of information comes from a separate report published by The China Times based on information shared by investment firm Credit Suisse, which believes that Apple is planning on launching at least one full-screen iPhone in 2020, which will effectively remove the notch from the top of the display altogether. With that design change, the notch-less iPhone will boast full-screen fingerprint authentication — basically the return of Touch ID in a top-tier, flagship iPhone.

Looking even further into the future, that key design change could be the benchmark for all iPhones, with the analyst from Credit Suisse saying that Apple could adopt the full-screen iPhone design, with the in-display fingerprint reader, for all three iPhone models in 2021.

This rumor of Apple going back to Touch ID in some capacity or another, and for a new iPhone, is not new. As recently as May of this year we heard that in 2020 Apple could launch a full-screen Touch ID-equipped iPhone.

Nothing is official just yet and plans can change, but this certainly does aim to paint a pretty clear picture regarding Apple’s roadmap for future iPhones. Will it actually work out? Will Apple make a return to Touch ID? The company did just post a couple of advertisements promoting Face ID over that other biometric security measure, saying how much more secure Face ID is compared to Touch ID.

What do you think? Is it time for Touch ID to make a comeback?