Knowin, Meals, Picture Insect, and other apps to check out this weekend

Apps of the week

In this edition of our Apps of the Week roundup, we have an app for learning to code, a helpful meal-planning assistant and a digital insect-identifier. And as always, we’ve selected two great new games for you to check out.


Learn Swift, JavaScript and the Command Line for free, with Knowin. The app helps anyone, of any experience level, learn how to code in a fun and self-paced environment—right on your phone. Features include support for a number of languages, from HTML to Python, easy lesson navigation, progress tracking, curated resources, interactive challenges, dark mode and much more.

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Meals: Diet plan, food recipes

Meals is a diet and meal planner app with thousands of delicious food recipes which are easy to prepare with simple instructions. All you have to is open the app and answer a quick questionnaire to find the best meal plan for you. You’ll find plans for nearly every diet including vegan, keto, paleo, gluten-free, or just plain old well-balanced. There are tons of features here presented with a great interface. $0.99/week or $28/year.

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Picture Insect – Insect ID Pro

Have you ever spotted a weird bug and thought, I wonder what that is? Well, here’s an app for that. It’s called Picture Insect, and it helps you… identify insects. Simply take or upload a picture of the insect, and get accurate and instantaneous results using revolutionary AI tech. It can ID over 1000 species of insects with an accuracy rate of 95.28%. You can even track your research and share with other users in the community.

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ROOMS: The Toymaker’s Mansion

Here is a unique puzzle game inspired by sliding puzzle and platformer games. In a twisted mansion made of rooms that slide like puzzle pieces, you play the role of an innocent little girl named Anne who has become trapped. Help her escape the haunted house by moving through rooms, picking up gadgets and solving the puzzles. There are 144 levels, divided into 4 mansions, a beautiful soundtrack and a full storyline with multiple endings.

Download for $5

Pizza Overload

If that all sounds like a little much, check out Pizza Overload. It’s a much simpler, one-finger side game in which you try and eat as much pizza as possible before the screen fills up. Move from side to side to make the pizza slices fall in your mouth, and swallow the gas bubbles to help you make room for more. There are a variety of types of pizza, a funny soundtrack and even a leaderboard. C’mon, who doesn’t like pizza?

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