Moment Pro Camera app adds slow shutter mode in latest update

Moment Pro Camera adds Slow Shutter mode

Moment is one of the most popular pro camera apps for iOS, and it’s finally added one of the most oft-requested features.

Moment has just launched a brand new feature to its Pro Camera app for iOS, bringing one of the most oft-requested features to the app. With the new Slow Shutter mode, users will be able to smooth out movement in shots, showcase light trails, and even take advantage of Apple’s Live Photos.

Here’s Moment’s description, based on the official landing page for the app:

Introducing Slow Shutter, a new kind of long exposure. Set your tripod, open the shutter, and stop when you have the shot.

Motion Blur: smooth out movement in your shots.

Light Trails: turn lights into colorful streaks.

Live Photos: Replay slow shutter shots, share them as single photos, or export them as short videos…all from a single file.

If you want to see the feature in action before you decide to download the app, Moment made a nice video showcasing it:

The Moment Pro Camera app is available for the iPhone, iPad, and the Apple Watch. It’s available from the App Store for $6. And that’s not all. Moment is offering a limited time offer of $15 off when you buy the new Slow Shutter Super Set, which includes a tripod, a Bluetooth remote, and a LitraTorch 2.0 studio lighting accessory.

Do you use the Moment camera app as your go-to camera option when you’re taking photos with your iPhone? If not, which third-party camera app do you prefer?