The top 20 hidden features in iOS 13

With the iOS 13 beta now available to both developers and public beta testers, we thought it prudent to put a spotlight on some of the smaller yet essential improvements that Apple didn’t talk about at WWDC 2019 but we think deserve a quick mention, from auto-naming your scans to iPhone mouse support to Family Sharing in Personal Hotspot and beyond.

Our resident video editor Harris Craycraft has put together a quick list of the top 20 tidbits and little improvements in iOS 13 that should interest our readers, some of which make a real difference because they save time and have long been requested by the iOS community.

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Here’s a quick overview of the stuff Harris focused on.

  1. Notes auto-names your scans by analyzing a document’s headings, text sizes etc.
  2. You’ll see a warning when trying to delete an app that has an active subscription.
  3. Headphone decibel levels are captured and available in the Health app.
  4. Mouse support isn’t just an iPad thing, but also works on iPhone.
  5. Live Photos can be saved as videos via the Share menu in the Photos app.
  6. Safari tabs can close automatically after one day, week or month of inactivity.
  7. Them music app has a full-screen lyric view.
  8. App updates are now tucked away under your bio pic in the App Store app.
  9. Apps can be now deleted from the App Store update list.
  10. Family Sharing now works with Personal Hotspot.
  11. iPadOS’s three-finger gestures for cut/copy/paste and undo/redo are available on iPhone.
  12. The new minimal volume HUD is awesome.
  13. The screenshot-taking workflow adds an option to save directly to the Files app.
  14. Multi-page Safari screenshots are available on iPhone, too, not just on iPad.
  15. A more powerful Messages search brings a detailed breakdown by type and more.
  16. Optimized battery charging is available on iPhone in Battery settings.
  17. You can set your device to automatically silence unknown callers.
  18. Wi-Fi networks can be joined from within Control Center.
  19. Bluetooth devices can be discovered and paired in Control Center.
  20. and more…

Some of those under-the-hood tweaks are real gems.

Let us know down below in the comments about your¬†favorite tidbit from Harris’s list.