Augment your jailbroken iPhone’s dual-SIM capabilities with eSIM+

Apple’s latest iPhones, from the iPhone XR to the iPhone 13 lineup, support dual-SIM functionality. Straight out of the box, these handsets can have both a physical SIM-based carrier and an eSIM-based carrier configured on the same device for traveling abroad. But perhaps unsurprisingly, the native implementation of this capability on the iOS platform leaves a lot to be desired.

Here to help with this particularly disgruntling issue is a newly-released jailbreak tweak called eSIM+ by iOS developer iArrays. Just as the name implies, this tweak augments any jailbroken iPhone that supports dual-SIM capabilities, such as those mentioned earlier.

Installing eSIM+ on a compatible handset permits the user to designate their preferred SIM card when dialing phone numbers or sending text messages, and as you might come to expect, it does this in a more intuitive way than Apple permits out of the box.

In the screenshot examples above, you’ll notice that eSIM+ presents you with a no-BS interface for choosing which carrier you’d like to use whenever you’re about to dial a phone number, and it works from virtually any interface in iOS that a call can be initiated from.

Moreover, the following screenshots denote how the same process works for text messaging:

The eSIM+ tweak adds a preference pane to the Settings app after installation where you can configure a few options to your liking:

Here, you can:

  • Toggle eSIM+ on or off on demand
  • Toggle eSIM+ on or off for messaging and configure preferred behavior
  • Toggle eSIM+ on or off for phone calls and configure preferred behavior
  • Tinker with SIM, Bluetooth, and other Miscellaneous settings

Personally, I don’t have a jailbroken dual-SIM iPhone to test this tweak with, nor do I have commitments with two separate cellular carriers even if I did. With that in mind, I wasn’t able to test eSIM+ directly, but I do appreciate it for what it is: a means of making dual-SIM functionality substantially more practical on supported devices.

Assuming you aren’t in the same boat as me and you could actually benefit from getting more out of the dual-SIM experience on your jailbroken iPhone, you can download eSIM+ for free from the BigBoss repository in Cydia or Sileo. Jailbroken iOS 12 through 14 devices are supported.

Upon installing, you’ll need to activate the tweak from the Settings page for a small fee.

What are your thoughts regarding making the dual-SIM functionality on your iPhone more usable via jailbreaking? Let us know in the comments section below.