Sileo v1.1.0 released with bug fixes and code optimizations

In an unexpected turn of events Friday evening, the Sileo Team announced the release of an updated version of the Sileo package manager for the Chimera and Electra jailbreaks. The latest version of Sileo is now v1.1.0.

The Sileo Team announced the news just moments ago via Twitter, denoting what was new in the update and how it would impact users:

According to the official changelog, Sileo v1.1.0 encompasses the following changes:

Sileo v1.1.0

– Fix sources deletion issue

– Add support for jailbreaks that don’t use the Electra/Chimera repository for base utilities (APT 1.8 is still required)

– Remove unused code to optimize Sileo

In a follow-up Tweet, the Sileo Team notes that Sileo v1.1.0 may break certain jailbreak tweaks made specifically for Sileo if those tweaks relied on any of the removed code. Any problems that result from this change can be easily resolved by uninstalling those tweaks.

If you’re currently jailbroken by way of Chimera or Electra on iOS 11 or 12 at the time of this writing, then you should find the newest Sileo update in the Package tab of the app after refreshing all your sources.

Have you tried Sileo v1.1.0 yet? Let us know how it works for you in the comments section below!