iOS 13 adds support for custom fonts, makes them easy to download and manage

Supporting custom fonts in iOS has been an oft-requested feature by some for years, and Apple is finally going to introduce support later this year.

At this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple officially confirmed that it is bringing support for custom fonts to iOS 13. Not only that, but the company is also making it easy to download, install, and manage them.

Here is what to expect from the new feature in iOS 13 set to debut this fall.

Custom fonts

This the easy part. Apple says that iOS 13 now supports custom fonts. This means after you install them on your supported iOS device, you can use those custom fonts in your “favorite apps”. That’s as much detail as Apple gives in this regard, unfortunately, so if there are caveats the company doesn’t list them.

App Store and management

Getting custom fonts on your iOS device running iOS 13 will be pretty easy, too: Apple is making it possible to download and install your favorite options right from the App Store.

Once you download and install them, iOS 13 makes it easy to manage them, too. Apple says you’ll be able to see and change your custom fonts from within the stock Settings app.

Checking the boxes

With iOS 13, Apple is serving a lot of people in the demands that have been put out there. The company is obviously adding plenty of big changes and features, including Dark Mode. However, these smaller elements have been requested by iOS users for quite some time as well. The company is basically check-marking as many boxes as it can as it continues to evolve iOS and the platform matures.

Is having support for custom fonts something you’ve been hoping to see in iOS for awhile? Or is this something that comes as a pleasant surprise, and a feature you plan on using quite a bit?