Apple’s website says the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR are launching in September [Updated]

Apple announced quite a few things at this year’s WWDC keynote, which included a brand new, modular Mac Pro. At the time, Apple would only give those interested in the powerful desktop machine a “fall” launch date. But now Apple’s website may have narrowed things down a bit.

UpdateApple has since updated its website to reflect a more general release window for both the Mac Pro and the Pro Display XDR. The company now simply states “Coming This Fall” when you select the “Notify Me” option on either device. Of course, while Apple has made the change, it’s certainly still possible that both high-end devices launch in September. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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Apple’s not giving any specific dates just yet, but we at least know the month courtesy of Apple’s own website. Visiting the homepage and choosing the “Notify Me” option under the new Mac Pro banner will have a pop-up that gives the visitor the option to give Apple their email address. But it also says that the new Mac Pro is launching this September:

Apple says the new Mac Pro will launch in September

The modular Mac Pro is a powerful device right out of the gate, but Apple made sure that the desktop machine could also be tweaked and reconfigured based on an individual’s needs. It’s designed to be a powerhouse, made for pro users, with a design that took Apple a bit longer than it expected to nail down.

That’s not all, though. During the keynote, Apple also took some time to talk about their newest pro-level external display. The Pro Display XDR is a standout device all on its own thanks to the specifications Apple packed into the 32-inch 6K display. It can also be paired with a $999 stand.

Apple’s homepage also confirms that the Pro Display XDR is launching this September as well. As is the case with the Mac Pro itself, Apple isn’t giving out an exact date just yet. However, it stand to reason that a safe bet is that the pro display will launch at the same time as the Mac Pro.

The Mac Pro and the new Pro Display XDR are expensive devices. However, they aren’t as expensive as they could be, especially from a company like Apple. Still, these are niche devices, and it certainly looks like those who might be interested in something like the Mac Pro or the new display are eager to get their hands on them.