UrbanWatch is a slang dictionary on your wrist

How about a slang dictionary on your wrist? With a free app called UrbanWatch, you can browse definitions from the Urban Dictionary website on your Apple Watch like a boss.

Created by Australian teenage developer Archer Gardiner-Sheridan and released three months ago, UrbanWatch features a simple user interface with just a few easy-to-understand options.

Last week, the app got bumped to version 2.0, bringing an overhauled iPhone app along with the ability to save words for later. Saved items now synchronize with the iOS app so you can view your favorite phrases and words on the bigger phone screen.

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Rather than limit itself to being a simple dictionary app, UrbanWatch brings additional capabilities that will be familiar to anyone who has used the Urban Dictionary website.

For instance, you can easily check out Urban Dictionary’s Word of the Day.

If you’re felling lucky, feel free to tap the option to view randomly picked words. Of course, you can also search for specific words by using dictation, watchOS’s gesture typing system or FlickType, which is the leading third-party Apple Watch keyboard.

UrbanWatch packs in a handy transparent Modular Small complication. I was left thinking there should be a Siri complication for the Word of the Day feature—that would make the app perfect!

UrbanWatch can be downloaded for free in App Store.

A one-time 99-cent In-App Purchase is required to save and share specific words with friends.