Milanote can help folks take better notes

Milanote for iOS launches

There are a lot of note-taking apps available for iOS users. But one of the best has been available for desktop for quite some time and is finally getting its iOS counterpart this week. Billed for creatives, this app can even help you look at your visual boards.

“Milanote” has been available on macOS for quite some time and has found a solid fanbase over the years. Now, the developers are finally launching a counterpart iOS app. The mobile experience is meant to offer a streamlined method to creating and editing notes, while syncing up with the desktop app to make sure you can keep tabs on what’s going on in your head or any projects you’re working on.

The note-taking app makes it easy to clip images and links from around the web. In addition, Milanote has a built-in to-do list that will help you keep track of the things you want to get done on a regular basis. And, finally, the app will also let you create visual boards, which can help users visualize the projects they’re working on in a new way.

The visual board is only editable on the computer via Milanote’s website, though, so be aware of that.

Finally, Milanote is also a collaborative tool when you want it to be. While notes are private by default, you can open them up for teams if you want. This allows for shared digital workspaces where people can worth together and build off the notes. You’ll be in control of which notes are viewable by others, or the ones you want to keep private.

Milanote is a free app and you can try it out today directly from the App Store. For even more information on the app, and to check out Milanote’s desktop option, visit their website.

If you haven’t tried out Milanote yet, it’s worth it. But if you’ve already discovered your favorite note-taking app, which is your go-to?