Apple shows off the advantages of using the latest iPhones for underwater shooting

The Cuban surf community is at the centre of a pair of new Apple-commissioned videos that the company shared Friday through its official YouTube channel.

In addition to the main video about the Cuban surfing community that “explores the humble beginnings of the movement and how interest in surfing is building in the country,” the company shared an interesting behind-the-scenes clip revealing how the film was created using its iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max smartphones.

Here’s the first video, titled “Ola Cubana”.

The Apple-Commissioned short film was directed by Nick Woytuk and shot by Zak Noyle using several new iPhone XS models.

As revealed in the making-of video which I’ve embedded further below, Noyle and Woytuk used some additional accessories like the Freefly Movi Cinema Robot stabilizer, the excellent AxisGO waterproof housing, the modular BeastGri lens adapter and rig system and the FILMic Pro camera app.

Check out that video now.

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