Another privacy-related Apple ad focuses on Safari’s anti-tracking measures

Apple today shared a new privacy-focused video through its official YouTube channel that highlights the intelligent tracking prevention feature in the Safari browser.

The 40-second lighthearted spot depicts a teenage boy searching for answers on the web using his blue iPhone XR as he’s about to shave his wispy mustache for the first time.

“Your privacy matters,” reads the video’s description. “That’s why Safari limits sites from tracking you across the web. Privacy. That’s iPhone.”

Give it a quick watch.

Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature makes it harder for websites to track you across the web. Cross-site tracking is a frequently used technique for building user profiles and ad personalization. “Because what you browse should be your business,” says the ad.

Privacy has turned into one of Apple’s major competitive advantages not just because it’s baked into its hardware, software and service, but also due to the company’s business model not depending on selling user data to advertiser.

Earlier, Apple posted its first privacy-focused advertisement that depicts a number of familiar real-life situations where people would want their privacy, pointing out that if privacy matters in your life, it should matter to the phone your life is on.

Watch that embedded ad right below.

Both iOS 12.2 and macOS Mojave 10.14.4 brought several new privacy features to Safari.

Website sign-in now occurs automatically after filling credentials with Password AutoFill, reducing friction. But more importantly, you now see a warning when loading an unencrypted (non-HTTPS) webpages and the Intelligent Tracking Prevention is now on by default.

Moreover, Safari has removed support for the now expired Do Not Track standard to prevent potential use as a fingerprinting variable.

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