Watch the elaborate fake ad for AirPods 2 that has deceived many Apple rumor sites

Apple rumor reporting is a serious business, as highlighted by a supposed AirPods 2 advertisement—in reality, an elaborate fake—that has deceived many Apple rumor sites.

As it turns out, the video is a marketing stunt.

It was created by a US-based marketing firm, called Culprit Studios, and sent by an anonymous tipster to MacRumors and a bunch of other rumor sites, most of which took the bait.

And here it is.

Now, I can instantly see why this fake commercial has managed to fool veteran reporters: the video was painstakingly designed in Apple’s signature advertising style complete with a fake back story and dancing silhouettes reminiscent of the company’s famous iPod ads.

While the other video, which we couldn’t find at post time, does include brief scenes showing a dancer taking AirPods out of the charging case and putting them in her ears, we never get to see the earbuds design clearly.

From the MacRumors post:

In both videos, the dancer whips her head around while wearing the AirPods, perhaps suggesting that Apple plans to market a version of the AirPods that better stays in the ears.

That would be in line with rumors that have suggested the AirPods will feature a new surface coating that’s more matte to enhance grip. There is no sign of black AirPods in either video, despite rumors suggesting Apple is working on a black color.

It’s possible black AirPods are still in the works and are shown off in a different video that we haven’t seen and it’s also possible Apple isn’t planning to release black AirPods at this time.

Lesson learned, never read too much into these things.

I’m still going to be coming back to MacRumors for the latest in Apple rumors. MacRumors has done the right thing by apologizing for the slip-up and that’s all I needed to hear.

Thoughts on this fake ad?