DigiTimes: iPad mini 5 rumored to arrive later in 2019

Taiwanese contract manufacturer Compal Electronics is expected to build Apple’s fifth-generation iPad mini tablet that should arrive “later in 2019”.

This was mentioned briefly in today’s article published by Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes which focuses on Compal’s production capacity expansion.

Compal is now also among major contract producers of Apple’s iPads and is expected to ramp up its iPad shipments after Apple releases iPad mini models later in 2019.

DigiTimes in a separate report earlier in the month claimed iPad mini 5 would launch sometime during the first half of 2019. Bloomberg reported yesterday that the iPad mini 4 followup is expected to be more affordable than the current $399 128GB model.

Compal has been actively expanding production capacity for non-PC devices.

This might be the next iPad mini

The company last year built a manufacturing plant in Chongqing in southwestern China and is currently building a second fab there set for official run in the second half of 2019.

Both facilities are dedicated to Apple Watch Series 4.

The contract manufacturer expects its shipments and revenues throughout 2019 to grow further from 2018, according to company president CP Wong.