Let’s Talk iOS 275: You’re only cheating yourself

Let's Talk iOS podcast on iPhone X

Rumor season is in full swing with talks about a new iPod touch (what!?), new iPad mini, USB-C iPhone, and more. Cody and Sebastien also talk about real existing products that are actually shipping like the Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS. Also, some bad math, and ways to close your rings from your couch.

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Show Notes

Report claims Apple may be working on new iPod touch, bringing USB-C to 2019 iPhones

DigiTimes: iPad mini 5 and a replacement for the 9.7″ iPad launching in the first half of 2019

Apple releases Smart Battery Cases for iPhone XR, XS & XS Max

Two innovations that make Apple’s updated Smart Battery Case a worthwhile purchase

Apple’s replaced 11 million iPhone batteries under the discounted $29 program

How to close your move, exercise and stand rings on Apple Watch without leaving your couch

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