Report claims Apple may be working on new iPod touch, bringing USB-C to 2019 iPhones

Apple may be working on a new iPod touch, according to a report from Japanese blog Mac Otakara. Citing supplier sources at CES earlier this month, the outlet says the company may be working on a 7th generation of the device, which was last updated in mid-2015.

Unfortunately, the site doesn’t offer up a potential launch date, features or any other information regarding the new iPod touch. But given its semi-accurate reporting track record and how rare iPod-related rumors are these days, we thought the news was worth passing along.

Once Apple’s most successful product line, the iPod has essentially been discontinued over the years. You can still buy a 6th gen 32GB iPod touch on the company’s website for $199, but you have to really search for it. It’s not in the site’s main menu alongside iPhone, iPad, Mac and Watch.

Mac Otakara’s report also mentions the possibility of this year’s iPhones switching from Lightning to USB-C ports, citing “those who are working” on the handsets. This has been a more prominent rumor in recent months, following Apple’s shift from Lighting to USB-C in the 2018 iPad Pro.

What do you think, is this the year Apple makes the move from Lightning to USB-C in its iPhones? And could there really still be a market for an iPod touch? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below!

Source: Mac Otakara