New renderings show another possible triple-lens iPhone design

New renders surfaced on the web today, purporting to show the design of Apple’s next handset. In a joint venture, Indian website CompareRaja and notorious smartphone leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer (OnLeaks) released the images, which they believe to represent a legitimate iPhone prototype.

As you can see in the renderings, differences from the current iPhone XS include a noticeably smaller ‘notch,’ slightly slimmer bezels, and of course an all-new triple-lens camera design on the back. It’s worth pointing out this looks way different than the 3-lens renderings shown off last week.

CompareRaja addresses the discrepancy:

Both the leaks are 100% legit prototypes. As per Steve, we are very early in the production process and the three 2019 iPhones are still in EVT stage (Engineering Validation Test) which means nothing is set in the stone yet. So, we have two cases here,

Case 1: Both the leaked prototypes will be retained and be marketed as two different models (say iPhone XIS and XIS max).

Case 2: One of the leaked prototypes will be axed and the other will be retained.

Apple is widely expected to follow its strategy from last year and produce 3 new iPhones in 2019: an iPhone XR successor with an LCD display and two OLED handsets, with one featuring a larger display. It’s believed the bigger OLED iPhone will be the device with the 3-lens camera system.

I know, it’s only January and we’re already talking about a smartphone that likely won’t come out until September. But you might want to get used to it. Given Apple’s rather public struggles with slipping iPhone sales, all eyes are going to be on the company this year to see how it rebounds.

What do you think of the latest renderings? I have to say I prefer this triple-lens design far more than the square one we saw last week.

Source: CompareRaja