A look at the beautiful Reclaimed Wood Stand Up Desk from UPLIFT DESK

The tough part about writing a review for a standing desk is feeling the need to first convince you that you need a standing desk. Standing is good for your health, sitting is the new smoking, blah-blah-blah-blah. But for the purpose of this hands-on look, let’s pretend you’ve already decided that you’re interested in a standing desk, that way I can get straight to telling you why this one from UPLIFT DESK is worth checking out.


I’ve been using the Stand Up Desk as my main work desk for several weeks now. It’s the rectangular, two-leg, 72-inch model, which might be too big for some folks, but I’m of the belief that too much desk space is far better than not enough. I went with the gorgeous Douglas Fir Reclaimed Wood desktop because, well, it’s gorgeous, the Single Monitor Arm and the Ultimate Wire Management Kit to help with cable management. As you can imagine, this can get pretty expensive, but the nice thing about UPLIFT is you can customize just about every aspect of your desk using the Design My Desk tool: the shape, the leg color, the tabletop, and a whole plethora of accessories. And of course there are several pre-made options as well for folks who prefer 1-click shopping.


My desk arrived in a couple of boxes: one for the desktop, one for the legs + electronics, one for the monitor arm, and one for the other accessories. It’s a bit overwhelming staring at all of these pieces you know must be put together, but honestly it’s not too bad. I’m not what you would consider a “handy” person, and I was able to put the desk together by myself in less than an hour. It’s really just putting the legs together, attaching them to the bottom of the desktop, and flipping the whole thing over to install your accessories. I know it’s a very cliche thing to say, but if I can put this thing together, anyone can.

Once assembled and upright, the UPLIFT desk is everything you could want and hope for in a standing desk. The desktop is over an inch thick and has a very premium look and feel to it, the legs are wide and robust enough that you don’t have that “tip-over” feeling you get with other two-legged desks, and the mechanism that moves everything up and down is fast, smooth and easy to use. My desk came with a really cool little memory keypad with buttons for Up and Down and 4 presets for setting custom heights. I set the first one to my preferred sitting height and the second to my preferred standing, so I can move the desk up or down with a single tap.

The other accessories are equally impressive. The monitor arm is a lot more solid than you’d expect from a bolt-on accessory, and the same can be said for the laptop stand. Both can be manipulated to sit in almost any position for the perfect viewing angles. I also like the convenience of the surge protector attached to the rear of the desk, which came as part of the above-mentioned cable management kit. You think having loose wires all over the place looks bad on a regular desk, wait until you see how bad it looks on a standing one. It’s considerably more noticeable and annoying, so I did my best to tie down and clamp every cable I could.


As you can see from the photos, everything comes together to create a really beautiful and flexible workspace. For those wondering, I do use it in standing mode quite a bit with either a padded floor mat or a FluidStance board. It’s not necessarily an every day thing, but whenever I feel like I’ve been sitting too long, or if I get antsy or feel my back start to tighten, I move my desk into standing mode and continue on with my work. It’s not life-changing by any means, but it’s made enough of a difference that I think I’d have a hard time going back to a normal desk. If you’re at all considering making the move to a standing desk, I would 100% recommend checking out what UPLIFT DESK has to offer. I’ve had a hard time finding anything else that comes close to its selection and customization options.

As always, if you have any questions or comments for me, feel free to leave them down in the comments below!