How to easily rotate videos on iPhone or iPad

Rotate Videos on iPhone with iMovie

When you capture a video with your iPhone or iPad, there may be a time when you need to rotate it. Maybe it was supposed to be landscape but somehow recorded in portrait view. Maybe you want to change it from portrait to landscape view to create a specific effect. Whatever the case may be, you can rotate your videos quite easily on your device.

This tutorial shows you how to rotate videos on iPhone or iPad right from the Photos app using iMovie.

Note: If you’ve previously deleted iMovie from your device because you didn’t use it or wanted to save space on your new device, you can easily re-download it from the App Store for free.

Open your Photos app and snag your video

The video you want to rotate may be in specific spot in the Photos app, like under People or Places. You can also look for it under Media Types at the bottom by selecting Videos. Wherever it is, select it and then do the following.

1) On the video’s screen, tap Edit from the top right.

2) At the bottom of the edit screen, tap the More (three-dot icon) button.

3) Tap iMovie.

Edit Video from Photos in iMovie iPhone

4) On the iMovie screen, use your fingers to rotate the video left or right. You’ll see arrows showing the direction as the video rotates.

Rotate Videos on iPhone with iMovie

5) When you finish, tap Done on the top right and your new video will be exported back to your Photos app.

Finish Rotating Video and Export iPhone

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Wrapping it up

Rotating videos that you capture on iPhone or iPad couldn’t be easier, right? What are some tips for editing videos you use that you think would be helpful to others? Leave a comment below!