How to see Wi-Fi network passwords you have connected to on iPhone and iPad

View Password for Network on Mac

Ah, passwords. We have so many for every little thing now that it can almost get overwhelming. Many people use a password manager app while others stick with iCloud Keychain. Whatever it is that you use to manage, store, and recover your passwords it won’t help with Wi-Fi networks if you didn’t capture it.

So, what happens if you get a new device and want to connect to your Wi-Fi network, but can’t remember the password?

Open up your Mac because we have you covered! Here’s how to see Wi-Fi network passwords you have connected to on iPhone and iPad in the past.

See the passwords with Keychain Access

Hop on your Mac, open up a Finder window, and then follow these steps to view Wi-Fi passwords.

1) In the Finder window, select Applications from the left.

2) Select the Utilities folder and then double-click Keychain Access to open it.

Finder Applications Utilities Keychain Access on Mac

3) Under Keychains on the top left, click iCloud.

4) Under Category on the bottom left, click Passwords.

Keychain Access iCloud Passwords on Mac

5) Locate the Wi-Fi network you need the password for. You can sort by name or kind to make it easier.

6) Double-click on the network and in the window that pops open, mark the box next to Show password.

Click Show Password for Network on Mac

7) Another window will open prompting you for your Keychain password. Enter it and click OK.

Enter Keychain Password Prompt Mac

8) Now, you should see your password in the network window.

View Password for Network on Mac

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Wrapping it up

Hopefully this short tutorial will be a help to you for tracking down passwords to Wi-Fi networks you’ve connected your devices to in the past. If this was just the how-to you’ve been hoping to see on iDB, let us know in the comments below or ping us on Twitter.