Apple Music for Android gaining bottom navigation bar and proper tablet support

A version of the Apple Music app for Android that’s currently being tested includes handy support for larger-screen tablets powered by Google’s mobile operating system.

The Apple Music for Android version 2.7.0 now automatically adapts to and takes better advantage of bigger canvases and increased pixel counts offered by larger-screen Android tablets. This addition might also mean that proper Chromebook support is coming.

As reported this past weekend by PixelSpot, the tablet UI makes better use of the available screen real estate by showing additional controls and more content, like on iPad. This includes more items in Apple Music’s tabs, like additional playlists and more featured content.

The app’s also ditched the hamburger menu in favor of a bottom navigation bar containing the Library, For You, Browse and Radio tabs. Again, like on iPad but with one exception: the search filed is still located in the top-right corner rather than in the new navigation bar.

Previous updates brought integration with other Android capabilities, like support for Google’s Assistant and Android Auto (we’re still waiting for Chromecast and Google Home support).

Below is the entire changelog of the new beta:

  • Tablet Support: Enjoy Apple Music with an experience designed for a wider range of Android devices.
  • Performance improvements for images and audio playback.
  • Various bug fixes.

It’s nice seeing Apple targeting Android tablets, more so knowing that the tablet market is now basically an iPad market. Android tablets aren’t that popular anymore so this is especially surprising given Android tablet apps are for the most part auto-enlarged smartphone apps.

If you’re on Android, you can help beta test any unreleased Apple Music features on Android by signing up for beta access, which will allow you to download the beta from Play Store.