The next Apple Watch Activity challenge goes live on Veterans Day this Sunday

Apple has been running fitness challenges for major holidays on a pretty much regular basis since the Apple Watch’s inception, and their newest challenge is similar to the last year’s Veterans Day challenge—earn a medal in the Activity app along with an animated sticker for the Messages app in exchange for completing a workout challenge.

This is a US-only challenge.

As first reported by Juli Clover of MacRumors, all you’re required to do on Veterans Day this coming Sunday, November 11, is perform and record a workout running eleven minutes long. Doing so shall earn you a special Veterans Day-themed medal in the Activity app, shown top of post, along with a matching sticker for iMessage and FaceTime.

This award can be earned by doing any workout captured through either the stock Workout app or a third-party watchOS app that supports data integration with the Health app.

Again, as this particular challenge is for a US-only holiday, it should come as no surprise that it will only be available to US-based customers of Apple Watch.