Spotify beta testing Apple Watch app

Spotify may finally be adding its official app to Apple Watch. A thread popped up on the r/Apple subreddit this morning with users noting that the latest Spotify app build in TestFlight includes an app for the popular wearable.

The app looks to be the work of Andrew Chang—the developer of the Spotify app Snowy, who announced in April of last year that the streaming company had hired him to build a native Apple Watch app. From Chang’s statement:

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be working closely with Spotify to bring Snowy to the Apple Watch as part of an official Spotify iOS app. Spotify’s powerful iOS SDK made it possible to develop Snowy, but I can’t wait to take things to the next level with the expertise and tools available at Spotify.

While I can’t give any estimates as to when it’ll be available, you can rest assured that a Spotify Apple Watch companion app is in the pipeline.

At the time, it was said the app would allow users to browse playlists, access Now Playing via Complication, and more. The current beta, however, appears to be limited to iPhone playback. So we are in the very early stages here.

An official Spotify app on Apple Watch is interesting for a few reasons. For one, it would be a direct challenge to Apple Music on its home turf, and two: several Spotify users have said a native app could convince them to buy the Watch.

Source: Reddit