The best wireless charging stands for iPhone

Looking for a wireless charger for your iPhone? Consider a wireless charging stand. Unlike pads/mats, which lay flat, stands hold your phone upright so you can perform simple tasks and view Lock screen alerts while charging. Stands also typically have fewer dead spots—areas not covered by the charging coil—ensuring more consistent charges. Below we’ve put together a list of what we believe are some of the best wireless charging stands available.

Note: prices shown were correct at the time of publishing, but tend to fluctuate over time. Also be aware that some wireless charging pads/stands do not come with a wall adapter (plug), meaning you’ll have to purchase one separately. 

Belkin 10W Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand

belkin black round wireless charging stand

The Boost Up from Belkin is the easiest wireless charging stand to recommend on this list, because it’s the one I use. It supports the iPhone’s 7.5W fast-charging tech and goes up to 10W for other devices. It also works in both portrait and landscape mode, and looks great to boot.

Buy for $31.50

Seneo 10W Wireless Charging Stand

If you’re looking for something a little less expensive, check out this wireless charging stand from Seneo. It has a great viewing angle, a bright LED to let you know when you’re charging, supports 7.5W Fast Charging for the iPhone, and 10W Fast Charging for other devices.

Buy for $17.99

Logitech 7.5W Powered for iPhone Stand

logitech white wireless charging stand

The Powered wireless charging stand from Logitech might be the best-looking of the bunch. It supports the extra width of a case, as well as landscape mode, and the U-shape cradle ensures a secure connection every time—no more huntinsg for those pesky charging coils.

Buy for $58.99

Samsung 9W Convertible Wireless Charging Stand

samsung black round wireless charging pad

A Samsung wireless charging stand for iPhone? Yep! It offers up to 9W fast-charging power for compatible devices, and supports all of Apple’s Qi handsets. It also has great customers reviews, and it’s convertible from a stand to a lay-flat pad, so you can charge however you please.

Buy for $69.99

Anker PowerWave Stand

anker black wireless charging stand

The Anker PowerWave Stand offers support for 10W wireless charging with supported devices, and 7.5w wireless charging for supported iPhone models. It isn’t too expensive at $14.29, and its design makes it possible to use the phone while it’s charging. Owners can use it in either portrait or landscape mode as well.

Buy for $15.99

Nomad 7.5W Wireless Stand

I’m a huge fan of Nomad because their products typically look sharp and are made with high quality materials, and this stand is no different. Wrapped in premium leather, it features 7.5W fast-charging for iPhones and a stowaway aluminum kickstand for flat-mat charging.

Buy for $99.99

Obviously there are more wireless charging stands out there, and we will update this list as we come across worthy contenders. And as always, if there is a stand that isn’t on this list and deserves to be, feel free to tell us about it in the comments below.

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