How to subscribe to publishers and creators in Snapchat’s Discover tab while you watch

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Snapchat makes it a cinch to subscribe to any publisher or creator listed under the Discover tab, while watching their post or video. This handy feature makes it very easy to add creators to your following list on a whim, without having to stop viewing their posts in Discover.

Before you’re able to take advantage of the handy one-tap subscribing feature in the Discover tab, be sure that your copy of Snapchat for iPhone or iPad is version or higher. To see the current version of Snapchat, tap the cog wheel icon in your app to bring up settings, then look for your version number at the very bottom of the panel.

You can download Snapchat for free in App Store.

How to subscribe to Snapchat creators and publishers in Discover while you watch

Follow the steps below.

1) Open Snapchat on your iPhone.

2) Swipe left from the camera to get to Discover.

3) Tap a desired post from a Snapchat creator listed underneath the For You heading.

4) Tap the bookmark icon labeled Subscribe, located in the post’s top-right corner.

A screenshot showing a bookmark icon in the top-right corner of posts in the Discover tab

Tap the icon again to unsubscribe from that creator or publisher.

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