Journaling app Day One picks up Dark Mode, audio recording, new editor & other perks

The Day One journaling app now has a Dark Mode

Day One, the superb journaling app for iPhone, iPad and Mac, was bumped to version 3.0 yesterday. The iOS-focused update introduced several new features, including a new Dark Mode-like option, the ability to record up to 30 minutes of audio, a whole new editor and more.

The new editor & more

The Dark Mode option and audio recording require Day One Premium.

You can now switch between the default light look and the new darkened interface within Day One’s settings. Tip: look for a new option to have Day One automatically switch between Light and Dark Mode based on your current location and time. Users can now record up to 30 minutes of audio, and the app now also supports transcription via macOS’s dictation feature.

The new editor, which developer Bloom Built says was designed and built from the ground up “for a superior writing experience,” has seen major improvements.

You can now just tap anywhere you’d like to position the cursor to immediately start editing. There’s a new menu for adding images, audio, tags, photo grids and checklists.

Want to quickly apply some formatting to your posts?

No problem, just tap the “Aa” icon to bring up a popup menu with your header styles, indents, lists and formatting features like bold, italics, underline, code block, rule line and more. Markdown support has seen some improvements as well, with automatic conversions of headers, lists, bold and italic into richly formatted text.

The new editor is available to both free and paid users.

Day One 3.0 changelog

Here’s everything worth mentioning in Day One 3.0 for iOS.

New Editor

  • Editing: To edit an entry, simply tap into the spot you want the cursor. The Done button dismisses the entry (along with swipe to dismiss).
  • Editor menu: Tap on the “Aa” icon to replace the keyboard with entry formatting markup options, Headers, Bold, Italic, Lists, Quote Block, Code Block, Rule Lins and indents.
  • Markdown: Markdown support continues without all the markup, with auto converting Headers, Lists, Bold and Italic into rich text.
  • Dynamic Code Blocks: Advanced Markdown like tables and HTML are now supported via the new toggle-able Code Block. Existing content is auto-detected and wrapped in a code block, which includes a toggle button for Edit/Code view and HTML rendered view. The state of the toggle is saved to the entry so it remembers if you want to view the code or the rendered web view.
  • Entry Content Menu: Tap on the paperclip icon for adding Photos, Camera, Audio, Tags as well as entry metadata actions.
  • Photo Groups: Photos added together now create a basic dynamic collection grid. Long press on a photo for additional options. (photo organization is coming)
  • Check Lists: Now interact with check lists in Read or Edit mode and see a summary in the Timeline and Entry views like: “4 / 8”.
  • Entry Metadata: Entry Metadata view now opens via swipe up gesture or drag up at end of entry.

Dark Mode

  • Auto toggle: Dark Mode comes with auto-toggle based on local sunset times.
  • Premium feature: Dark Mode requires Day One Premium.

Audio Recording

  • Record audio: 30-minute audio-only mode.
  • Transcribe: 1-minute transcription mode uses Apple’s Speech dictation service (your transcription is automatically added to the entry after recording ends)
  • Audio options: Long-press on audio record button for option to select recording mode (default setting in Settings → Advanced).
  • Import audio: Import audio clips via share extension or paste from clipboard (from Voice Memos, Voicemail and more).
  • Premium feature: Audio recording requires Day One Premium.

Other updates

  • Tab Bar Plus button now opens a new entry directly (long-tap for additional options).
  • Activity Feed is now linked in the Journal Drawer.
  • Performance improvements.

By the way, developers noted on Twitter that the new version contains a bug that may make accounts appear as downgraded. They are advising users to force-quit, then re-launch the app.

Pricing and availability

Day One for iOS and Day One for macOS are free to download, with optional subscriptions available via the In-App Purchase mechanism priced at $34.99 per year.

Day One users who previously paid for the app before it adopted a subscription model get a lifetime discount on the yearly subscription for $24.99 per year.