WhatsApp rolls out group calling for voice and video with up to 4 participants simultaneously

Facebook-owned WhatsApp yesterday brought group calling to its users.

Like chats, audio messages and other content, group video calls conducted on the platform are end-to-end encrypted to prevent eavesdropping. Group calling supports up to four people total.

Starting a group call is perhaps counterintuitive a bit.

Firstly, you must initiate a one-on-one voice or video call on WhatsApp. And secondly, you must tap a new button labeled Add Participant, located in the top-right corner of the interface. Only then are you permitted to add more contacts to your current call.

They’ve designed group calling to work globally in different network conditions.

First announced at Facebook’s annual F8 developer conference in May, the new feature is rolling out to iPhone and Android users. Group calling is a staggered rollout and as such might take a while until it becomes available to all WhatsApp users globally.

WhatsApp is a free download from App Store.