Google finally updates its Street View iOS app with iPhone X support

Google’s finally updated the Street View iOS app with support for native resolution on the handset’s edge-to-edge Super Retina display. With today’s update, the app no longer shows the horizontal black bars that appear when running unoptimized apps on an iPhone X.

Bumping version number to 2.13.3, this update also brings improvements for rendering 360-degree panoramas. Google updated its major apps with iPhone X support, like Gmail and Photos, within weeks following the handset’s late arrival in November 2017.

The Street View app has not seen major updates in months now. Just as we were beginning to think that Google probably left it lingering out there comes this appreciated update. Maybe it’s had something to do with recent news corroborating the longstanding rumor that Apple has been rebuilding the map part of Maps with Street View-like imagery?

Google Street View is a free download from App Store.